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Curating golf content is a great way to add golf information to your blog. Curating content is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.  Web sites with good, regular, fresh content attract more customers, keeping them excited and engaged.  You should use this process in between your posts about leagues, tournaments, sales, upcoming events, and general news about your club. Use this process when you don’t know what to post about!

Results of blogging and using our methods:

  • Blog posts make your site one page larger with every post.  Larger websites rank better than thin small websites.
  • Adding fresh content to your site keeps it active in Google’s eyes. You can outpace your competition in Google search results with this method.
  • Blog posts trigger your Teesnap Social Syndication. Your posts will also be automatically syndicated out to your branded social Tier 1 properties.
  • With each post, you are creating high domain authority inbound backlinks to your website.  SEO structure.

Steps for adding and curating content to your golf course website.

1.  Google search the “golf news”.
2.  Surf through the results and pick an article that interests you.
3.  Copy and paste the article into your blog post.
4.  At the top of the article you are going to add your opinion of the article in third person.  Like you are speaking to your golfers.  Add three to five sentences summarizing the find, your opinion about the content, and why it might be relevant to your golfing audience.
5.  Site the source of the article at the bottom of the post like:  “Source provided by CBS” – Link out to the source article from this anchor text.

Golf News Related Content to Curate:

1.  Instructional Information.  Golfers always are looking for ways to get better and disseminating golf technique content is an awesome way to add fresh relevant content.

2.  Golf News – Latest news, scores, follow a favorite tour player…etc.  Always a special way to hype up golf around the 4 majors also!

Watch a detailed tutorial here:  Example Link to the post in this video HERE.