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Father’s Day and golf is the equivalent to what Black Friday is for retailers.

Is your club taking advantage of all that the celebration of dads has to offer? Teesnap’s MMS team is busy preparing its clubs to plan big for Father’s Day.

Yes.  We all know that it’s easy to fill the tee sheet for Father’s Day. After all, dads love spending the day playing golf.

The one customer that is easy for forget about for Father’s Day is the customer who likely doesn’t play golf. In fact, they might never step foot on your property, yet they are still your customer. I’m talking about the customer who simply LOVES a golfer. What are you doing to make sure you are attracting that customer to your golf course?

To help get you started, here’s a checklist that the MMS team uses to prepare their clubs.  This checklist is designed, so that there is no question that there is a fun celebration that is taking place both at the golf course as well as in the online store for Father’s Day.

MMS Checklist

  • Decide on Promotion
  • Create Graphic
  • Run Facebook Ad
  • Write Facebook Post x 3
  • Create Facebook Event
  • Create Instagram Story/Post
  • Write a post for Twitter
  • Write Google Post
  • Write Blog Entry
  • Update Homepage of Website
  • Update Online Store
  • Write Email x 3

Many of our MMS golf courses don’t like to offer a discount for Father’s Day green fees. That’s perfectly fine, but I encourage you to continue to think about that customer who loves a golfer. What are you doing for that person?

This is the daughter who doesn’t play golf, but knows that her dad would like a golf related gift.

Perhaps it’s the wife of someone with three young children who knows how nice it would be to get away for an afternoon on the golf course.

It might even be the mom of a first time dad who wants to give her son something special to celebrate his first year as a parent.

What are you offering to that customer?

Promotional Ideas

If you’re struggling with some ideas to attract them, here’s a list to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Foursome Special
  • Free Warm Up Balls with Green Fee Purchase
  • $10 Off When You Purchase a $75 Gift Card Online
  • 10 Play Punch Pass
  • 5 Lesson Package

Create some simple packages for your online store that someone can purchase for a loved one.

If you don’t have an online store, then create some flyers advertising your promotional item.  You can easily create a punch pass using a graphic service like Canva – just use the business card template to create.  You can download the PDF of the punch pass and print up business cards using a service like VistaPrint.  Now, you have a professional looking gift to sell that didn’t cost you very much money or time to create.

With a little extra effort, you can maximize the day that is designed to celebrate dads that goes beyond more than just one Sunday of the year!  Allow your customer to continue to celebrate Father’s Day at your club long after the designated day has passed.

Need Some Help?

If you haven’t taken advantage of planning a good Father’s Day promotion, then it might be time to consider using Teesnap’s Managed Marketing Services.

Our MMS Team helps clubs to write consistent emails, plan for promotions, updates their website and takes care of the social channels.  You run your golf course and leave the marketing to our experts.

There are several packages from which to choose, so fill out this form to find out more information today!

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