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Fathers day is near let’s walk through what “THE CLUB” is doing now in preparation for this selling opportunity.  “THE CLUBS” goal here is to TRIPLE THE NUMBER OF GIFT CARDS SOLD THIS YEAR for FATHERS DAY!

  • This celebration was on THE CLUBS marketing calendar a month back – to kick off the following programs.  The plans for this program were laid out in the clubs project management Marketing Ghant chart, that THE CLUB developed over the Winter downtime (or over the summer for the Sunbelt courses).  Illustrating and planning out all marketing opportunities for the year and the tasks and timelines associated with each element of the plan.
  • In the planning stage of this program, the club determined that Gift Cards would be the item of focus.  Selling Gift Cards to families that want to buy something DAD will use!
  • Flyers featuring the sale were posted in all of the usual locations around the club.  Pro shop, bathrooms, handicapping area, tournament registration area. A month ahead of the holiday.
  • THE CLUB took the time to adjust the look and feel of their online store and branded it temporarily for Fathers Day!
  • Elements of this same flyer(graphics) were used to create an online store product featuring a branded fathers day gift card offering.
  • Several email blast campaigns were set up ahead of time and scheduled to fire at predetermined times.  Varying the times of day for delivery.  THE CLUB decided on 5 deliveries scheduled before Fathers Day.  The best part about this awesome email was the ever present “BUY NOW BUTTON”, that was very prominent in the design of this email, leading them to purchase.
  • THE CLUB also added this message to the homepage of their website, right up front so every visitor that reached their website was reminded to buy their father a gift card.  The banner features a button that leads them to the online store for purchase.
  • THE CLUB also blogged about this a month ahead of time. This in turn syndicated to THE CLUBS branded social network that Teesnap set up for THE CLUB during install.  On Facebook, the post was boosted to the Custom Audiences Teesnap set up with THE CLUB that tracked website visitors through Facebook Pixel Integration.  This cost the club only $20.
  • THE CLUB also boosted the post to all golfers that had played at a competitors course.  They did so by using Facebook demographic targeting.  PRO TIP!  This also only cost the club around $20.
  • THE CLUB also learned that LinkedIn and Twitter also offer amazing targeting algorithms to target golfers in their local City, that they capitalized on. At a very inexpensive cost.
  • THE CLUB also utilized some Facebook Live video streams sprinkled into the marketing mix where various employees at the club describe “Why I love my father so much, and how he became more important to me over the years”, promoting the BUY BUTTON in a subtle way.
  • THE CLUB also learned how to automatically post Facebook Live videos to their WordPress website, without the need to log in, supercharging their social and growing their audience.(ask Account Management how)
  • THE CLUB also learned how to send its customer database all blog posts in email format the very next morning on autopilot.(ask Account Management how)

THE CLUB expects these kinds of results when
getting this organized, focused, and targeted
on all marketing efforts for 2017 with Teesnap!

(These are real results of online store activity and website traffic at a few of the Teesnap Clients utilizing their tools)


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