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Teesnap is excited to announce a significant growth equity investment from TELEO Capital. TELEO will be partnering with existing shareholder, Allegiant Travel Company, to invest in product and go-to-market initiatives and will become the majority owner of Teesnap. With its significant investment into Teesnap, TELEO is investing in both human capital and technology to ensure Teesnap has the tools to win and drive our innovation engine to continue to build upon our competitive advantages.


General Questions

Q: Why did Allegiant choose to partner with TELEO Capital?
A: With Teesnap’s continued growth, Allegiant wanted to find a new majority owner to help propel Teesnap’s fully integrated mobile solution to the next level.

Q. The announcement was made over a year ago. Why did it take so long?
A: Finding the right partner takes time. While a sale was imminent prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Allegiant wanted to make sure that Teesnap was in good hands. COVID-19 brought about some uncertainty which caused everyone to pause and find the best fit.

Q: Who acquired you?
A: Teesnap has received a significant investment from TELEO Capital who will be the majority owner going forward.

Q: Is TELEO in the golf market?
A: No. TELEO specializes in software and technology. While they have other software companies, they are not in the golf space. They are excited to enter the golf space and provide their expertise in creating revolutionary golf software.

Q: What IS changing?
A: There are two significant changes that this presents. Both of them are greatly beneficial to our current and future Teesnap clients. Teesnap has full control over its roadmap and we now have an internal development team. Both of these changes mean that we have the resources and are in full control of what new features and enhancements are added to the Teesnap application.


Administrative Questions

Q: Will this require me to change credit card processors?
A: Heartland is our current preferred provider and we have no intention of changing at this time. We are excited to share the next steps in that partnership in the future.

Q: Will my contract change?
A: Your agreement is with Teesnap and will remain that way going forward. Teesnap will continue to operate independently from its parent organization.

Q: Will I need to update how I pay for the software?
A: There are no changes to billing today. Teesnap is planning to make improvements to our billing process and offer more resources to our partners in the future.

Q: I am a brand new Teesnap customer. How does this affect my onboarding process?
A: It does not change your onboarding process. We will continue to onboard and provide support just as we have always done. The team remains the same and are committed to providing best in class support.

Q. The last few updates have had a few bugs. Is this the reason why?
A. As we transition to a new in house development team, we are working to ensure quality testing is in place. The code of our product is complex and we are working diligently to improve our testing process.


Teesnap App Questions

Q: Will this stop new development?
A: Our vision is to accelerate development, not slow down. TELEO has a strong desire to see the continued success and improvement of Teesnap. We have had six new releases in the last five months and we will continue to stay on a consistent release schedule.

Q: What plans are being made to improve Teesnap?
A: While we are working to make the current product more efficient and user friendly, we are also working on the following upgrades:

Digital Passes

  • A paper punch card will be a thing of the past. Our system will allow you to sell punch cards that are tracked by customer

Tee Sheet Enhancements

  • We are continuing to add Tee-sheet functionality to both the administration and iPad app.

Member Billing

  • Adding the ability for you to customize which day of the month your members’ automatically reconciled credit card payment occurs.

Profile Based Variable Pricing

  • Giving you the ability to designate all of your special deals that only apply to certain profiles.

Q. How can I offer suggestions to Teesnap’s development process?
A. Our new in-house development team is hard at work. They have future plans to provide an easy process for Teesnap clients to have means to make requested improvements. Feedback is always appreciated and welcome through our support and client success teams.



Support Questions

Q: Who do I call for support?
A: All support phone numbers (844) 458-1032, online chats, Knowledge Center will remain the same.

Q: Will there be staff changes?
A: All of our current staff will remain on board and are excited about the future of Teesnap

Q. How are you tied to Allegiant Travel Company? Should I be concerned about support?
A: While Teesnap is its own separate entity, Allegiant has committed to providing support during the transition and for several months following to make sure there is no interruption of service.

Q. In 2020, Teesnap had a few outages. Will this new acquisition help with that?
A. Teesnap has had a long history of record up-time. In 2020, golf experienced a boom and our application was used in its full capacity. We have upgraded all servers to accommodate continued demand and use of the Teesnap product.



If you have further questions or would like to speak to a member of our team, please reach out to your Client Success Representative or call our support line (844) 458-1032 to be connected with someone who can help.