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Facebook Live lets you connect with your fans, friends and followers by sharing real-time video of what you’re seeing and doing at your course.  An amazing way to connect with your customers.

You can point the camera at yourself or outward to capture your surroundings, perfect for the golf shop, golf course, score boards, club events, etc…

During the broadcast, you’ll see the number of live viewers, which friends are tuning in and comments in real time. While people are watching you, invite those viewers to tap the Subscribe button. This way, they’ll get notified the next time you’re live.

After you end your live broadcast, it will be saved on your timeline like any other video you upload.


Have a focus for your broadcast. Know what you plan to talk about ahead of time so you FB Live Golf Marketingdon’t have a rambling discussion about nothing. Knowing what you plan to talk about and doing it well will do wonders for your reputation.

Tell fans when you’re broadcasting ahead of time.

Go live when you have a strong connection.

Create a compelling title. It goes without saying that you should relate the title to the focus of your broadcast. When people get a notification that you’re live, the title is the only thing they see when deciding whether they want to join you.

Strive for great audio. Speak loudly and clearly close to the phone or use a microphone. Like with any video, your audience needs to be able to hear what you have to say. To this end, avoid broadcasting anywhere that has a lot of background noise.

Use both the front and back cameras. Since you likely won’t want to have the camera in your face the whole time, you can easily toggle back and forth between the two. When the camera faces you, the audio is better. Speak up when filming away from yourself.

Acknowledge your audience. When you go live, be sure to mention your friends and fans who are viewing, if it seems reasonable. Alternatively or in addition, respond to comments either during or after the show.

Ask viewers to subscribe to Live notifications.

Test different broadcast length and times. Facebook recommends you go live for at least 5 minutes. I’ve found that anything from 2 to 20 minutes is just fine. See what your audience likes and use that as your gauge. Also try going live at different times to see when most of your audience is around.

End with a call to action. Live video can be an integral part of your social media marketing, so make the most of it by directing your audience to a specific place. Include a simple call to action at the end of your video, such as to visit your website or private message you for more information on the topic.

4 Ways to Utilize FB LIVE at your course

1. Give an Inside Look at Your Golf Course Business

You can also use Facebook Live video to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at your course and how you work.

For example, suppose that some of your followers are interested in getting into how you handle your golf tournaments. You could use a Live video session to share your process and educate people who are looking for this information.  Ensuring that tournament directors see how well you are paying attention to detail.

You might also focus on an aspect of your business that your target audience would be interested in learning more about, like golf course maintenance.

2. Promote Your Upcoming Event

Facebook Live is a great way to announce an upcoming event. Once you’ve planned the event, create a post to let fans know you have a special announcement to make. Then, share specific details about your event on your Live video.

When announcing an event on Live video, be sure to have an easy-to-remember URL that you can share with your viewers. Post this link in the video comments as well, in case viewers don’t have a chance to write it down. Use a tool like Bitly or to create a URL that you can track.

3. Tease New Products

Another way to use Facebook Live video is to give your fans a sneak peek of your new and exciting golf products. For example, if you just received a shipment of a new product, but it’s not yet available on your pro shop, you could use a Live video to tease it to customers.  This can be huge for generating sales.  Ie)  NEW shirts available tomorrow!

4. Answer FAQs

Customer service is an essential part of your business. Chances are, you answer every question that comes in, even if it’s a repeat question. While it’s important that you respond to every question, this can eat up a lot of time. Fortunately, this is an area where live video can be useful.

For example, you might identify a common question that your course receives, and rather than answer the question again and again, you can have a Facebook Live video session to answer it. When you’re finished, you’ll have a video archive that you can share with your customer service team so everyone references the same materials.

Wrap Up

Video streaming, especially through Facebook Live, is an incredible opportunity to showcase your knowledge and increase your fan, follower and customer bases.

Video is super-strong right now and Facebook Live seems to get higher organic reach than other types of content, it’s definitely worth getting ready to add Live to the marketing plan for your course.