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If you’re like most golf courses, you’ve struggled with raising your rack rates to accommodate an increase in expense. Golfers seem to comment even when it is a nominal 25 cent increase to a cup of coffee.

Setting pricing can be a tricky subject that many clubs choose to simply never raise their rack rates.

Once a tee time has passed, that is a lost opportunity to make money. It’s important that you maximize on your revenue management and increase your tee sheet functionality.

As gas prices increase and overall cost of goods increases, you are likely feeling the squeeze on your revenue generation. Teesnap has a way to keep your golfers happy AND allow you to raise your rack rates! Many of our golf course partners have used this method with great success and adaptation.


Keep your online pricing the same and increase your rack rates for phone bookings.

By offering an online booking discount, you will help your golf course in several ways.

  1. Fewer phone calls
  2. Increase in accurate data collection
  3. Less customer complaints about price increase
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Teesnap’s Channel Pricing

This process has been simplified with Teesnap’s Channel Pricing.

Channel pricing allows the golf operator to take control of their tee sheet by offering different pricing on the iPad (in the Pro Shop) and online.

Golf courses that have taken advantage of this online booking rate see a major increase in their online booking. Online booking jumps to 70-90% of their tee sheet booking.


Promo URLs

If you don’t want to have an overall online discount, you can also use Teesnap’s Channel Pricing to set up unique urls that are tied to a promotion.

Your golf course can be in charge of its own Hot Deal by creating promotion to a specific time or block of times.

If you have a time of day that is slow, you can send the link to a select number of golfers.

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