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On a recent install, this image came across my desk and made me think of all of the customer interactions our client courses are having this time of year.  Taking tee times, dealing with newGolf Marketing Data customers, booking weddings, booking tournaments, booking lessons and checking in golfers. This course has a big growth opportunity.

For the better part of 12 hours per day all over the country golf courses are handling data!  It makes me think about all of the many data points being captured in Teesnap on a daily basis that can be used to generate revenues.  Increase your sales and gain more wallet share from your current customer as well as your new ones.

Are you using your data?  

Are you making sure your staff are capturing good data?

Clearly, this course is transitioning from pencil and paper, one of our favorite transitions here at Teesnap.  We get excited because at these courses there has typically been no data capture, no real sales metrics, no accurate round counts and along with that no usable data for marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 tips to set up the Teesnap engine for increasing your revenues:

  1. Get the golf course staff to buy into collecting good data for you.  Make it the culture at your pro shop, no acceptions.
  2. Make sure you are using player profiles to segment your customer database.
  3. Use “Guest to golfer” to make your tee sheets pop with even richer data.  Naming the players for slot 2 through 4 could grow your database by a fourth to a half just with this one technique. Doing so also grows your actionable marketing data also.  get the shop to start this today!
  4. Monitor your results in your Master Customer List in Teesnap Campaigns.  Watch the growth and spot check the customers.
  5. Learn how to automate your marketing with the Teesnap Data Refresh.  Set up automated journeys towards segments of your database.

If you do these things you will see some tremendous growth at your facility.

If you do not have the resources, time or expertise consider our Golf Marketing Services product offering.  Clients taking advantage of this service are up over 10% YTD!  Lets us handle all of the heavy liftings for you. Free up your time for management. We develop your plan with you, then we execute the plan for you, utilizing all of the Teesnap tools.  Application data, website, online store, integrated email tool, blog, social, and hyper-targeted paid social.

Here are some sample GMS case studies:

Case Study #1

Email Last Year – On their own
May 17 through Aug 17 2017
7 Campaigns sent 17,233 Emails

Email this year – On GMS
May 17 through Aug 17 2018
45 Campaigns sent 265,977 Emails

Total Revenues
YTD Revenue up $198,000 – 15%
YTD Rounds up 1,713 – 6%

Website Users – 16,198 to 18,704 up 15%
New Users – 15,903 vs 18,140 up 14.1%
Sessions – 23,456 vs 27,604 up 17.7%
Page views  – 55,265 vs 62,946 up 13.9

Case Study #2

Email Last Year – On their own
May 1 through Aug 17 2017
3 Campaigns sent 6,468 Emails

Email this year – On GMS
May 17 through Aug 17 2018
44 Campaigns sent 337,824 Emails

Total Revenues
YTD Revenue up $115,800 – 13.4%
YTD Rounds up 3,304 – 16.8%

Website Users – 14,223 to 19,678 up 38%
New Users – 14,076 vs 19,106 up 35.7%
Sessions – 19,756 vs 28,042 up 41.9%
Page views  – 41,091 vs 56,986 up 38.7%

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