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Cancellation Policy / Credit Card on File – Capture Online


Teesnap has added a feature that allows you to collect credit card information from customers when they reserve a tee time online. This information will be saved as a credit card on file, but no payment will be taken at this time. Customers will also be asked to accept or deny your cancellation policy before completing their reservation. If they choose “NO,” they will not be able to complete the reservation. If they choose “YES,” they will be able to provide their credit card information and complete the reservation. 

You will set this up in the Web-Admin at following the steps below:

  • Login to the Web-Admin site

  • Go to the Property Page

  • Click on the Course Name (bottom left of the Property Page)

  • Enable the Cancellation Policy, enter the text for your Cancellation Policy, then choose the amount and whether it is a dollar or percentage of the fees.

These next images are going to show the step by step experience your customer will have when booking their reservation.


  • A golfer selects date, number of holes, players, and whether they will need a cart.  Then select which time they wish to reserve.

  • A golfer will be asked to log into the site (if they didn’t login first)

  • At this screen they will see the reservation details and will click to finalize the booking.

  • The No Show/Cancellation Policy pops up and they have to accept or deny the terms.  If they choose “NO” they are sent back to the online tee sheet and the reservation won’t be finalized.  If they choose “YES” they will move forward in the reservation process.

  • The golfer will enter their credit card information and these details will be saved as a credit card on file in the application.  You will then be able to use this credit card on file to charge the cancellation fee in the checkout screen of the application.

  • The golfer will be able to invite a friend(s) and send the invite or skip the invitation.

  • Golfer will see their reservation summary and the reservation is completed.

Next, we will show you how to process the no show fee in the application.  Before going to the application you will need to have at least one product set up in the admin portal.  I set up a No Show Fee as the product and you will see that in the images below:


  • Click on the Cart icon and find the No Show Fee Display Category


  • Click on the green plus symbol to add the product to the shopping cart.  Then click on the product in the cart if you are needing to modify the price of the fee using the pricing override feature.

  • Click on the “Override” button

  • You will be required to enter your Mobile ID

  • Type in the New Price and reason for the price override then click save

  • Click the Apply Button

  • Click on the checkout button

  • Search for the customer that did not show or cancel

  • Choose the Credit Card on File and Finalize the transaction