Cash Discounting

Reward your Customers, retain your earnings.

Cash Discounting with Teesnap.

Every percentage point saved on credit card processing is revenue you can reinvest into your golf course and guest services.

While Teesnap’s competitive rates lessen the sting, our Cash Discounting feature lets operators preserve – and even increase – your revenue. It’s an intelligent, future-proof way to turn a necessary expense into an opportunity for growth.

Put Credit Card Processing Fees Back in Your Pocket

Cash Discounting allows operators to easily offer a discount for consumers paying with cash.

Seamlessly built into the Teesnap POS system, this feature encourages cash payments by offering discounts, effectively minimizing your credit and debit card processing fees. Cash Discounting creates only positives for your all-around operations.

  • Credit card users don’t feel penalized by surcharge fees

  • Cash users feel rewarded

  • Significant cost reductions for your operations

Cash Discounting is an intelligent way to gain relief without damaging your brand or consumer experience.

Cash discounting is an elegant alternative to surcharge programs that add fees to consumers that use credit cards. And while surcharge programs are currently only legal in select states, are the active target of pending FTC regulations which will require operators to show multiple pricing, and apply to select credit card brands and only for credit purchases, Cash Discounting programs are federally protected and supported. 

How cash discounting benefits you:

Economical Efficiency

By offsetting processing costs, cash discounting bolsters your financial health, reduces chargebacks, and grants immediate fund access.

Operational Harmony

Customization and direct POS integration means simplified reporting and operations, enhancing customer satisfaction – everyone likes saving money.

Peace of Mind

Cash Discounting stands on solid ground, legal across all states, without the regulatory entanglements and customer pushback common with surcharge programs.


Integrating seamlessly into your POS system, this approach resonates with customers through familiar incentives – mirroring popular discounts seen at gas stations nationwide.


Credit Card Fees Eating Your Profits? Here’s How “Cash Discounting” Can Boost Your Bottom Line

For golf course operators, the convenience of credit card transactions comes at a steep price. But what if there’s a way to turn the tables on rising processing fees?

Simply smarter technology.

Request your demo to find out how cash discounting can deliver value to your customers and increase revenue to your business.