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Do you have your digital marketing plans ready to go for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  Have you ever tried to participate in the $2.68 Billion of sales volume as reported for Cyber Monday sales for 2014?  Maybe this year you should?  Take action, try this out this year, starting on Monday of next week.

Recently I received these email marketing campaigns from some very large retailers.  Both featuring a sneak peak 11 days before black Friday.  These marketers are organized, they have planned, they have designed, they have thought this through.  They are featuring content ahead of time always trying to increase the awareness of the sale and drive traffic to their websites to create demand.

Black Friday Deals Black Friday Sales


What can you sell online this year for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

  1. Early renewals on membership products. Purchase your 2017 membership now for this amount in savings or get an extra month FREE.  Or renew your 2017 trail fee now for this amount in savings.
  2. Range memberships.  Purchase a range membership now for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017 for $xxx.xx!
  3. 10 Round Cards.  A great way to increase sales volume on multi play cards.
  4. Lesson packages.  A series of lessons for your golf professional would be a great revenue driver for him and also make your golfers happy!
  5. Merchandise.  Heavy sales on dead inventory to make room for that new inventory.
  6. Stocking stuffer bundle.  A truly unique gift for the special golf lover in your life that will ONLY be sold online on Cyber Monday.  Example: A gift bundle that includes 10 Round Cards AND a shirt AND a $25 F&B certificate at a slight discount – from a buyer psychology perspective, it doesn’t even really have to be a huge discount. Just the fact that it’s a bundle means that will be many people’s one-stop present for someone.

Other marketing strategies:

  • Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to the home page of your website to direct visitors to the store for maximum success, with more actionable language than the typical generic “Shop Now” – something like “See Our Black Friday Deals” or “Get the Perfect Golf Lover’s Gift”
  • There needs to be a sense of urgency – make it clear that these deals are only valid Black Friday, over the weekend and Cyber Monday.
  • Announce this EVERYWHERE: signage in the proshop, put it on the calendar, post about it on the blogs (both with links to the store – same call-to-action language as above), send out multiple email campaigns about it – one with a “Sneak Preview,” One the day before and one the day of, scheduled ahead with similar “Call T0 Actions”.
  • Golf Lesson packages can be sold from the angle of “Improve your golf game in 2017/ get a head start on your new year’s resolutions”

You still have time to do a simple Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal for this year.  Get creative, try something new.  When you design your campaign, send it multiple times next week.  Train the staff on the sale, and get ready to take orders!