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At Teesnap, we are excited to announce expanded options to increase online reservations, which offer increased flexibility and a seamless reservation option our golf course clients can offer their customers. Teesnap clients can now offer their golfers the ability to book tee times starting from somewhere other than the golf course website, simplifying the booking process and improving the customer experience.

Our new URL parameters allow golf course vendors such as website developers and golf course partners such as hotels and attractions to offer reservation options to their customers. By adding parameters to a link, golfers can go directly to a specific golf course, date, time, and even pre-populate specific booking fields like the number of players. At Teesnap, we are excited to see how our clients will work with their vendors and business partners and leverage the options we are providing them.

URL Parameters

URL Parameters

We understand the importance of providing flexibility and an effortless reservation process to our golf course clients, and our new URL parameters are just one way we are working to improve our platform. We know we have creative, entrepreneurial clients who want to expand their reach and make their tee times available to new, large groups of people. This development allows golf courses to do just that and find a wider audience leading to increased bookings.

At Teesnap, we are committed to providing our golf course partners with options they can use to help them succeed. Our platform is designed to streamline operations, be simple to use for new hires and employees of all ages and abilities, drive revenue, and improve the customer experience. Our new booking options fit nicely in our partner tool-set.

We believe that offering a simple and effortless reservation option is essential to improving the customer experience and driving revenue for golf courses. With our new URL parameters, golf course partners can now offer their customers an easy and streamlined booking process, making it simpler for them to book their tee times. This, in turn, can help golf courses grow their business and reach new customers.