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#2. Should I trade or sell my tee times through third party golf sites?
Bartering tee times has been debated at length in the golf industry over the last ten years. What makes it so polarizing? It sounds pretty straight forward: golf courses trade a fraction of their total tee times in exchange for a range of products and services like marketing packages, software solutions, online booking engines, increased exposure to new customers, etc. It sounds advantageous, particularly in the short term—sell expiring slots that might otherwise go unused!

But… for golf course owners and managers committed to reducing the number of trade rounds available – at their golf course and in their local market – there are options.

Negotiate. Over the last few years, demand for golf has grown – this gives golf course owners and managers more power.

Golf technology and marketing vendors have ‘rack rates’. Teesnap does and so do our competitors and partners. If they say they don’t, that’s something to remember. If the market – the ‘market’ is the group of buyers – rejects the pricing, the vendor must adjust or the alternative is to shrink and die.

At Teesnap, clients can use various forms of payment to satisfy their monthly or annual commitment. This includes a combination of traded tee times (Teepay), cash and credit card processing or using a single form of payment. We’re flexible.

We can’t begin to suggest we know exactly what others in the golf industry charge but we do believe negotiating is a smart approach for golf course owners and managers and there’s never been a better time in the history of golf to negotiate.