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Over the past year, many clubs have become acquainted with Teesnap and its tools, and made the commitment to begin using them.  We’ve witnessed some amazing results and wanted to share a few success stories, beginning with Old Corkscrew Golf Club.

A  Naples, FL-based public golf course, Old Corkscrew  decided to stop relying on third party service providers to manage their marketing and pricing, and instead, to bring those operations back in-house using the Teesnap toolset:

Teesnap Application (data harvesting)
Teesnap website with online store
Teesnap campaigns (live customer data feed, segmentation and targeting)

Since transitioning to Teesnap, the club has taken some bold steps, changing the way they do business–and racking up impressive online sales in the process. Among their key accomplishments, the team has:

  • Reclaimed control over their pricing.
  • Cut ties with all third party providers.
  • Educated their golfers to come to the course’s website for specials and offers.
  • Committed to growing their database and capturing good data from golfers when making tee times and/or buying online.
  • Used their website’s blog feature to post content about specials and offers (which also syndicates to their social media pages).
  • Used Teesnap Campaigns to segment their customer data.
  • Used Teesnap Campaigns to email market to their customer base.
  • Trained their customers that online offers are exclusively available through the online store (no buying them over the phone or at the counter).

The results have been no less than staggering.  At the time of this post, Old Corkscrew has done $290,828 in online golf and gift card sales–and that’s just over the last 10 months!

Online Sales Teensnap golf course software

What’s the secret to their spectacular results? Execution.

Old Corkscrew is executing on every level mentioned above. The staff is engaged and excited about their role in collecting the data.  Mark, Pam, and Bill have created a buzz around the property, in part by sharing their successes as they continue to update and train front line employees. They’ve paid close attention to segmenting their data in a way that make sense to their operation–allowing them to better target locals, seniors, and transient players via the Teesnap database and players’ own transaction histories. And they’ve held the line on customers who try to purchase special offers at the counter or over the phone.  When that happens, the answer is always the same: a polite “Sorry, those specials are only available online”.

Rainy Day Special

A week ago, the club experienced a rainout.  Rather than wringing their hands, they  decided to offer a special to offset the lost day of play, designed the campaign and went to work.  The effects of this one email campaign were as follows:

Email Marketing Teesnap Golf Course POS

3,342 unique opens

5.33% or 178 people clicked on the buy button or call to action.

Doubled the inbound website traffic as compared to the prior 5 days traffic.

Teesnap Website Traffic Spike

Financial Results $9,142.50 in sales for the day–a significant chunk of the $64k in online sales they’ll do this month alone–on a day when they were closed!

Collecting Quality Data

These results are fueled by more than a properly formatted email or a well thought-out special offer.  It comes from the commitment to obtaining and acquiring good data through the use of Teesnap and then using that data to grow your revenue using Teesnap tools.

This chart shows Old Corkscrew’s database growth by month since implementing Teesnap.  Kudos to the management and staff, as these are all NEW customers–just think of the re-marketing possibilities here!

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
998 701 1,025 575 557 1,216 783 803 1,057 1,331

Below is a snapshot of their daily database growth, and how it looks from their connected email tool.  No ETL required! The live data feeds directly into their Teesnap campaigns–showing that on February 14th,  there were
101 new customers not only added to their course database, but immediately available via Teesnap’s marketing tool for future/re-marketing opportunities.

Database growth
Hats off to Mark, Pam, Bill and their staff for doing such a great job in leadership and execution.  Keep it up; the sky is the limit!