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We recently upped the ante with our focus on data, because we know that it’s the foundation for a successful golf course marketing strategy, and the feedback has been awesome.  Introducing Teesnap Campaigns Insights.

We’re excited to launch our new suite of analytics that provides every customer with a complete view into the health and performance of their email marketing and automation efforts.

You will find a new tab in Teesnap Campaigns:

Teesnap Insights

A complete view into email marketing performance

Teesnap has brought together all of the performance data from every email – across all campaigns and automated journeys – to provide you with immediate insight into how your most important KPIs are trending. Aggregate measurements also allow courses to compare performance and make sure you are constantly testing new strategies and making improvements.

Teesnap email marketing

Fresh perspective on subscriber health

Today, big brands are focusing more on increasing engagement and loyalty within their subscriber base along with sheer audience growth. This idea of ‘audience health’ is something we are continuing to reinforce with our customers and have developed an entire set of reports that drill into subscriber activity and engagement – all the way down to the level of platforms and devices – to help courses fine-tune their email design and delivery strategy.

Email reporting

Detailed engagement and acquisition trends

Aggregating all of the data about subscriber behavior across every list and segment allows you to drill into which channels and regions are bringing in the most engaged consumers, identify the specific segments that are fostering higher, healthier levels of engagement.

Email Segmentation Teesnap

Email reporting is all about clear yet powerful insights that are easy to take action on. Use your insights to continually improve your email marketing strategy and create better performing campaigns that generate results for your business!