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Adding a “Book a Tee Time” button to your Facebook page can make it easier for your customers to book tee times and also send a ton of new Tee Times to your course!

Facebook pages are one of your most important social assets.  Facebook has been working on enhancing the experience between fans and brands by bridging the gap between your fan page and your other digital assets.  The Call to Action (CTA) button is designed to bring a business’ most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence. Call to action buttons link to any destination on or off Facebook – more specifically, your Teesnap Booking Engine.

The seven calls to action currently available are:

  1. Book Now
  2. Contact Us
  3. Use App
  4. Play Game
  5. Shop Now
  6. Sign Up
  7. Watch Video

Go through these steps now to set this up and gain more online tee times

1.  Log into Facebook and go to your Business Page.  On the right-hand side under your featured image, you will find the blue “add a button” button.

Take Action Button


2.  Click on “Choose a Button”.

Click Here


3.  Click on “+ Add a Button” and choose “Book Now”.

Book Now


4.  Find your Booking URL by going to your website and click on your “Tee Times” link/button and copy the URL from your browser, then paste it in here.  Then, click “Create”.

Booking URL


5.  At this point, you are done.  Go to your homepage and hover over the “Book it Now” button and click on “Test Button”.  This should take you to your Teesnap Book a Tee Time page, per the link you entered.  If it doesn’t, make sure that the link you put into the “Website Field” is correct.

Hover over to Test


6.  Track your traffic.  Hover over “Book Now” and click on “View Insights”.

Hover to View Insights


7.  Your statistics will pop up and be available whenever you would like to take a look at them!

Track Results


Enjoy this feature, and remember to come back and check your stats!