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LinkedIn isn’t just for professionals and job seekers. Its true that Millions of professionals use LinkedIn every day to grow their networks and their careers, but did you know you can use LinkedIn to grow your business, also? From making connections to generating leads, establishing partnerships and creating better brand awareness, LinkedIn makes an invaluable addition to your online digital footprint.  Start with these 5 Tips.

Choose a great Photo
Your photo should be friendly, professional and engaging.  Avoid a corporate headshot and use a photo with a natural background.

Be Personable (not personal)
Add a compelling first person summary. You wouldn’t introduce yourself by saying “Bob is a leader”.  Don’t talk about yourself on LinkedIn that way either.

Fill Out your Profile
Don’t skip sections.  Completed profiles are 40 times more likely to lead to new opportunities.

Aim for 500+ Connections
Use LinkedIn to develop and expand your network to increase opportunities.

Be Active
LinkedIn is not a static site.  Stay top of mind by sharing useful information and showcasing your thought leadership.

If your company is not on linkedIn you should think about adding this site as one of your Web 2.0’s.  There is also a usefull method to syndicate your blog posts to LinkedIn that we can share with you.  Contact account management to learn more about that.  In future posts we will also be discussing how to amplify your social reach with highly targeted paid linkedIn ads.