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We’ve posted about how important it is to keep your club website updated by posting fresh, relevant, interesting content to your blog. We’ve shown how updating your club’s blog sets in motion a branded and totally automated social media marketing system that improves your site’s search engine rankings and drives customers to your site over and over.

But that doesn’t mean that blogging is easy.

Let’s be honest: coming up with new topics to post about is challenging for any blogger, regardless of their industry. No matter how creative you are, sometimes you’ve exhausted all of your best ideas, and have already posted about all of your club’s upcoming events, specials and announcements, and still need to post something to your blog to keep up our recommended update schedule of posting 2-5 times per week.

That’s why we’ve put together this free downloadable printable guide: 35 Blog Post Ideas for Your Golf Club Blog.



  • They’re not meant to be a list of titles. You can use any of the blog prompts as blog post titles on this list as-is, but we recommend putting your own original take on it and changing the wording to suit your style and your club’s culture.
  • You can adapt these prompts however you need. For example, if we have a “Top Five Tips for _____” and you come up with six instead, feel free to make that change – there’s no “right” way to post on your blog!
  • They can be inspiration to brainstorm. We’re willing to bet you can come up with many other topics for lists of Tips, ultimate guides to an important subject, or cheat sheets to help your members improve certain aspects of their game. Keep a running list in a notebook for when you need more blog post ideas!
  • Let your readers tell you what they want to read about – use the site statistics widget in your site’s dashboard to see what keywords your visitors found you with and what your most-viewed blog posts are – then write more of that! Write a series, a sequel or a follow-up to your most highly read blog posts so that you never run out of things to write about.

And now, without further ado…


1. Five Good Habits Every Golfer Should Develop
2. Five Things I Wish I’d Known When Buying Golf Clubs
3. Your First Golf Tournament: What You Should Expect
4. An Introduction to Good Golf Etiquette
5. Four Things Great Golfers Do Differently
6. Our Top 5 Favorite Golfers of All Time
7. The Story Behind Our Club Founders
8. Thinking of Joining a Golf Club? Here Are 3 Questions to Ask
9. Tips for Golfing in the Heat/Cold (or Summer/Winter)
10. Set These Golf Goals to Improve Your Game
11. Tips For Avoiding the Shanks When Golfing
12. Tips For Avoiding Lower Back Pain
13. Tips For Avoiding the Tops
14. Tips For Avoiding Double Boggies
15. Tips For Avoiding The Slice
16. Tips For Avoiding The Hook
17. Tips For Avoiding Triple Boggies
18. The 5 Values That Shape Our Club
19. How to Keep Up Your Golf Game Over the Winter
20. The Ultimate Guide to Golf Fitness
21. The Ultimate Guide to Distance Control
22. The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Distance off the Driver
23. The Ultimate Guide to Golf Stretching
24. The Ultimate Guide to Buying Golf Equipment
25. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Fitted for Golf Clubs
26. A Cheat Sheet for Lower Scores
27. A Cheat Sheet for Shooting Under Pars
28. A Cheat Sheet for Making More Pars
29. A Cheat Sheet for Getting it Up and Down
30. A Cheat Sheet for Lowering Your Handicap
31. Three Things About Our Course You Probably Didn’t Know
32. A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Golf Club Membership
33. Five Must-Have Golf Accessories for Experienced/Beginner Golfers
34. Why We Fix our Ballmarks And Suggest You Do Too
35. What We Wish We Knew When We Started Golfing


PS: We’d love to hear what you think of this list or if you have any other feedback – send it to [email protected]!