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Google My Business basically revolutionized the world of local search and the appeal of search engine optimization for small businesses otherwise unfamiliar with SEO.  Now, Google My Business has rolled out a few new features that can help golf courses attract even more attention to their brands (and earn more search visibility at the same time).

1. Google Posts for all Google My Business / G+ Users

It’s called Google Posts and it’s found when you log into Google my business.  It’s a new tab on the left-hand side of the admin area.  If you are a Teesnap legacy customer or opted for the Pro III package when you are signed into your club Gmail account, go to Google My Business and you will be prompted to sign-in again with your Gmail account.  As Legacy and Pro III clients your blog posts will already automatically syndicate your blog messages to G+ but logging in directly and posting can also help boost your marketing that you might not want to post on your site’s blog like a special offer.  Your club Gmail address is found in your master workbook.

Teesnap Marketing google posts

Creating a Post on Google My Business is pretty simple. On a desktop computer or mobile device, you can log into your usual My Business dashboard, then head to the left side of the screen to access the “Posts” area. From there, you’ll have the option to add a new Post, which can take a variety of forms.

Google introduces a handful of ways businesses can use posts, but there’s plenty of room for more creativity:

  • Announce new promotions or daily specials.
  • Promote visibility of new and upcoming events.
  • Highlight some of your newest products or best-sellers.
  • Take reservations, attract signups for a newsletter, or sell a product directly.

When you create your Post, you’ll have several options, and you can use any or all of them to complete your post. You can add an image, a title, and up to 300 words of text describing the post. You can also add a call-to-action button from a range of different options, including “learn more,” “reserve,” “buy,” “sign up,” or “get offer.”

Your Posts will then have a chance to show up for Google search as well as Google Maps, depending on the nature of the query and the nature of the Post.

2. Google’s Website Builder

Google officially launched its Website Builder within Google My Business in an effort to help small businesses easily create websites. This is great because it can serve as an extra lead generation tool as part of your digital marketing initiatives. Leading people to call the course or bring them to your main website.

Expand your digital marketing with Teesnap

While logged into the dashboard Click on Website.

Click on begin.  The site will be auto-generated from your Google my business details.  Once this is done you can select a theme and add more pictures and descriptive text etc…

Google site marketing seo

When you are done click on publish and here you can choose the URL for your site.  In your case, I would do either of two things.  Use your Brand name, in this case, Sherwood Forest Golf Club, or another alternative is a Key Word, like “City name” Public Golf….Your choice! View the site here:

Local SEO Teesnap Google sites


3. Google Messaging

You can now message with your customers directly via your Google local panel in mobile search.

Text Messaging Teesnap

Click on messaging and set up your preferred phone to accept the text messages.  In search results a messaging icon appears, to allow customers to interact with you!

Messaging in google my business

To stay ahead and compete in search don’t be scared to try these techniques.  Set them up and utlize them they are FREE!

If you need help with your digital marketing please contact us!