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Recently we have witnessed a few of our customers become the targets of lawsuits over their websites’ lack of ADA compliance. What’s the big deal? The government has published a set of specifications called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), that are meant to ensure that website content is accessible, regardless of hardware, software, or any sensory or physical impairment.

This is a complex process that includes an ongoing website content strategy. Teesnap is now offering ADA-compliant websites as part of its web product offerings. We can bring your existing website into compliance, or you can select this as an option for your website build during onboarding with Teesnap.

“The lack of regulations here has led to the absolute worst-case scenario. People with disabilities have not been served since most companies are unaware this is an issue. Most don’t even realize this is something they have to consider until they receive a demand letter. That has certainly been the case for some of my clients. This leads to a scramble to get compliant. Unfortunately, it can take up to a year to do so depending on the complexity of the site. Meanwhile, plaintiffs’ attorneys across the country are taking advantage of the confusion. More than 260 website accessibility lawsuits were filed in 2016, and significantly more were filed by the end of 2017. But these numbers do not even begin to cover the cases that are settled pre-litigation,” said Heather Antoine of Antoine Law Group, APC.

Teesnap ADA-accessible websites are not separate landing pages that link from your existing main site. They are full-blown golf course websites that will be designed the way that you want them, with all the required functionalities built into them. Teesnap ADA-compliant websites comply with and surpass the WCAG 2.0 level AA and Section 508 requirements. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to be able to offer this service and we’re thrilled to now be making it available to our clients.

To see an example of a site that has been brought into full compliance, take a look at Kingsway Country Club.

ADA-accessible websites include:

  • Tab navigation – the ability to navigate the entire site using the Tab key
  • Readability – page layouts and fonts chosen very carefully to provide an optimal viewing experience for visitors with physical impairments
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Grayscale display option
  • Negative contrast
  • High contrast/light background options
  • Underlined links
  • Ability to skip to content
  • Outline focus for focusable elements
  • Landmark roles to all links
  • Customizer for style adjustment
  • Links to Sitemap / Feedback / Help pages

Our ADA-accessible websites contain all of the marketing and SEO functions built into our standard websites. With an improved experience for all users, your site will have lower bounce rates, higher numbers of conversions, and less negative feedback–all of which matter to search engines when ranking a site.

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To learn more about ADA-compliant websites, contact your Strategic Account Manager

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