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Is this the year your course will take advantage of a tremendous opportunity – The Holiday Selling Season?

It’s that time of year again. Our team has already started working with clients partnering in Managed Marketing Services.  We are already designing this year’s pre-sales anticipation design and setting up the plumbing for our sales funnels!

In 2017 when we started MMS, we took over the sales efforts for Dragonfly Golf Club in September and produced $63,000 in sales over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the week before Christmas. For 2018, we added another huge producer, Kingsway CC.  Our efforts there created sales of $73,000 during just Black Friday and Cyber Monday store sales.

Does this excite you?  It does for me because consumers like to shop during these times of the year, and want to buy something desirable for their recipient. For Golfers, it is a no brainer to purchase golf gifts for themselves or for their friends or family. Why not craft something up that makes sense for you and them? The examples stated here were from clients that really let us work our magic, we also had stores that did $32k, $25k, $10k, etc.

Those clients who didn’t see big results came down to the offer. This time of year buyers want deals and they can tell if your deal is not a deal. Remember, you’re not competing with fellow golf courses for Black Friday income, you’re competing with Best Buy and Target, so let’s get creative with the offers!

If you need extra cash flow going into the winter months this can be very successful for you this year!

See our 9 Tips for higher holiday sales below ⬇️

2018 Black Friday sales notifications coming to
my cell phone for Kingsway CC
BLACK Friday Sales
2018 Black Friday Sales
Kingsway CC
Friday only

The Power of Black Friday

The day before Thanksgiving (2018) generated $2.4 billion in U.S. online spending, which is a 31.8% increase over the comparable day last year, according to Adobe Analytics. Adobe’s data is based on an analysis of more than 1 trillion visits to retail sites in one year trailing 12 months. Adobe Analytics measures transactions from 80 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers.

Thanksgiving sales totaled $3.7 billion, up 28.0% year over year, according to Adobe, surpassing Adobe’s $3.3 billion prediction. Shopify merchants generated more than $250 million in total sales during Thanksgiving, the company says.

Thanksgiving also saw $1 billion in online sales coming from mobile devices, Adobe says. tracking found 54% of all digital orders on Thanksgiving were made from a mobile device, up from 47% a year ago. In addition, 68% of all digital traffic came from mobile devices, says Rob Garf, vice president of industry strategy and insights at Salesforce.

U.S. shoppers will spend a record $21.60 billion online during the biggest U.S. shopping weekend of the year, Internet Retailer forecasts. During the five-day period from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, online sales will jump 15.5% from an Internet Retailer-estimated $18.70 billion in 2017.

What Is There To Lose?

Our 99 MMS clients that participated this last year (we had 200 clients but half did not want to try????) brought in $490,000 of income to those courses.  The average was $5k per store.

Not bad, but we are looking to increase that this year!

On the right is a small add-on graphic that we used around social that promotes the fact that we are having a sale!

The graphic was placed on a few high traffic areas of the courses website and social channels.  This makes for good awareness and anticipation.

Instagram marketing
Kingsway Instagram account
Black Friday 2018

9 Tips for Higher Holiday Sales this year

Tip #1:
Get creative with your offers.  Call a peer, use your staff, seek better ideas.  Let’s face it, we can’t always come up with our own ideas.  The best ideas comes from collaboration.  Don’t overlook your frontline staff.  Some of the best ideas will come from where you least expect it!

If you are on MMS, listen to what your MMS Rep and manager are suggesting and seriously consider their ideas!  We do marketing for a few hundred golf courses, we see a lot of good ideas that work!

Tip #2:
Get your offers written down early and make sure pricing is appropriate.
The sooner you do this the better.  If your offers are not well thought out, they can flop.

Give your self time to come back and look at the list, possibly in a few staff meetings to get the best version of them possible!

Tip #3:
Start the sale a day early
– Competition is fierce during the holidays, consider starting your sale a day early!

Tip #4:
Build Anticipation.
  Campaigns that have this component attached to them simply perform better than campaigns that don’t have this build-up.  This is why Apple does this when a new phone is coming.  It makes sense for golf courses to build up with weeks worth of emails to make sure your golfers know it is coming.

This is really easy as you have a list of customers, you have pixel data, you have a list of past buyers that you can re-engage. Lead up to your sale two weeks before and direct attention to your sale.  Prime your audience with some email, social posts, and website visitors that land on your site.

Tip #5:
Utilize your social.
Build the anticipation through social. The day your sale goes live, post the offers on social linking back to our online store product pages.

Tip #6:
Utilize your blog.
Your Teesnap blog syndicates to social so don’t neglect the use of your blog.  It creates links in various locations on your site that also lead to more traffic to your store pages.

Tip #7:
Take advantage of your homepage traffic & any other high traffic areas you have identified on your website.
Adjust your homepage ahead of time to attract traffic with countdowns, banners and your own ads to your own sale!  This is the beauty of capturing your own traffic.  This is not paid, it’s just smart!

In the case of Kingsway, we also used this web page due to its high traffic.  Members check if frequently for updated course information.

Tip #8:
Use your FB pixel data.
  If you don’t know what this is, you are falling behind.  Our MMS clubs are taking advantage of this.  Your FB pixel is tracking anonymous visitors on your course’s website and isolating them into lists you define.

Set up an online store view list and see how large this audience is in your pixel.  Combine this list with a custom audience of friends of followers, and website visitors from the last 90 days.

Also use your audience of “in market not a customer” combining your city location, the interest of golf and excluding your customer list. Let’s spend a modest budget, maybe $150 this year to prime this audience.

Tip #9:
Don’t forget your email.
You’ve been building this list all year and with Teesnap you’ve seen massive growth to your database size! It’s time to use it!

Email is still the largest channel for driving holiday sales.  Make sure to take advantage of the Woo commerce integration we have, ie) your online store purchasers.  This is an isolated list in your Teesnap Campaigns.  You can target last year’s purchasers.  Why wouldn’t we start here for some pre-sales?!

Lets have an amazing 2019 year end
holiday sales season!