28 Facebook Ads Graphics to Use for your Golf Course

Is your golf course experiencing massive growth? Don’t make the same mistake that the 90’s brought. Eventually, you’re going to have to do more than unlock your doors to keep your tee sheet full. Here’s a several examples of successful Facebook Ads that you can run to continue your golf course’s forward momentum.

Launching a Facebook ad campaign is fairly easy. Don’t mix up boosting a post with launching an ad. They are two very different things.

There’s a science behind putting together an ad that works. You can’t simply throw up an image and some copy and call it a day. You need to spend some time studying the strategy of what you’re trying to accomplish.

While strategy may sound like an intimidating word, it isn’t that difficult with a little help. Once you’ve figured out the pattern, you’ll find success.

Figure out the formula for your golf course, so you can continue using that same formula for all aspects of your business.  Book a Tee Time, attract more wedding leads, or get people to download your app.

To make it easier, we have complied some of our top performing ads that golf courses who use our Managed Marketing Services team have put into action. Let’s look at what makes each ad great!

Did you know that you can view Facebook’s Ad Library to find ideas? If you’re struggling with format, copy or need some extra help, it’s a great resource.

Let’s dig in a little deeper into these golf course examples.

Facebook Ad Example #1

What Makes this Ad Great: People like relating to ads that they see. This golf course used a simple image of itself and reminded golfers the joy that playing golf with friends brings.

Facebook Ad Example #2

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad is using a great sense of color. Since this ad ran in the winter months, it was successful because golfers could picture themselves on the green grass even with snow on the ground. They reminded their members of just one of the more coveted requests which was permanent tee times. The other important part of this ad was its targeting. Since a neighboring course had gone out of business, they were targeting the zip code of that other golf course.

Facebook Ad Example #3

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad was powerful because it was targeting non-golfers. Since many consumers have a dad, it opens up another segment of customer when you attract people who love a golfer, but may not necessarily play golf themselves.

Facebook Ad Example #4

What Makes This Ad Great: This was an exclusive offer that could only be found on the website and included scarcity. In the winter season, this course needed some cash flow, so by offering something with a strict time limit and a great offer was a huge success.

Facebook Ad Example #5

Golf Course MarketingWhat Makes This Ad Great: It’s a good idea to always have a Book a Tee Time ad running. You can do something simple for as little as $2/day. The copy can be casual and quickly call out your location, so that you are attracting golfers that may not know where your course is located.

Facebook Ad Example #6

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad is designed to help grow the golf course database. Golfers are entered in a giveaway where they have to put their name and email in form on a landing page in order to be entered in the giveaway. It’s a great way to get golfers names and email addresses, so that you can continue to market to them.

Facebook Ad Example #7

What Makes This Ad Great: This simple ad was perfect to use during the pandemic because it reminded people they could celebrate Easter by getting their meal to go. When offering a new service such carry out, you may need to spend a little in advertising to make sure people know about it.

Facebook Ad Example #8

What Makes This Ad Great: When you’re moving away from a tee time service that charges a booking fee, Facebook Ads are a good way to let users know about this powerful change. You should also set up targeting that goes directly to the email list of your database, so you’re attracting the golfers who like the online deals and are looking for something similar on your website.

Facebook Ad Example #9

What Makes This Ad Great: You can set up targeting for ads to go out just before someone’s birthday! This is a powerful way to get people in to your birthday club at your golf course which helps to capture their data and demographic.

Facebook Ad Example #10

What Makes This Ad Great: This is another great database builder. The golfer only receives the offer when they have entered their name and email address. Making sure that golfers are providing their name and email when they get a coupon for golf is a very important strategy when trying to grow your database.

Facebook Ad Example #11

Dinner for Golf Course MarketingWhat Makes This Ad Great: This golf course is using an online reservation service which makes it easy for the user to book their dinner reservation. Remember that your golfer is online when they see the ad, so make it easy for them to continue to stay online to complete your ask. If you ask them to call the clubhouse with questions, then you have defeated the purpose of advertising online.

Facebook Ad Example #12

What Makes This Ad Great: This golf course is working to fill times that are otherwise empty and they have selected a specific segment of the population to market to in order to fill those times.

Facebook Ad Example #13

Employee Application Ad for Golf MarketingWhat Makes This Ad Great: Make sure that your website has an online employment application in order to attract good staff. This simple ad helped them get many great applicants for multiple positions simply because they made it easy to apply.

Facebook Ad Example #14

Membership Ad for Golf Course MarketingWhat Makes This Ad Great: This ad used its database to attract members. Use your database to find look alike audiences with people who have characteristics similar to the golfers who play your course and give them a great offer!

Facebook Ad Example #15

Video Ad for Golf Course MarketingWhat Makes This Ad Great: When it comes to advertising, video is KING! You will get more reach when you use a video to describe what you’re doing at your golf course.

Facebook Ad Example #16

Golf Course MarketingWhat Makes This Ad Great: This ad shows everything this golf course has to offer.

Facebook Ad Example #17

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad immediately calls out that everyone should pay attention even if you aren’t a golfer and highlights the parts about this local menu that everyone loves.

Facebook Ad Example #18

What Makes This Ad Great: Golfers like to know the distance, so they can manage expectations. This image shows that this is a challenging course and appeals to the scratch golfer.

Facebook Ad Example #19

What Makes This Ad Great: This golf course has a great Christmas Light display and it immediately calls that out. Since many people assume that they aren’t allowed on the golf course, it is a great idea to let the public know they are free to attend even if they don’t play golf.

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Whew! That was a lot of great ads.

By looking many Facebook ads, you can begin to see patterns for success. Use social proof, benefits of your membership, great offers, scarcity and FOMO to make people click through on your ads!  Now, you’re just missing some great images to use in your advertising. Our Managed Marketing Team has put together some great graphics for you to use in your advertising. They are divided up into five categories.

  • Book a Tee Time
  • Download Our App
  • Book a Wedding
  • Join Our Birthday Club
  • Join a League

Use our graphics and the tips above to create some ads to help continue your momentum of success. Feeling stuck? See how our Managed Marketing Services Team can help!